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What I know is that even if you need what I’m offering, you might not want it, or you might not want it from ME!  Since I’m just another voice on the interweb and the interwebs is full of shady characters trying to make moves on your time,  you have to build trust with me, you have to grow your love for me over time just like you would with anyone else   and  that  requires  for  you  to  have  an  intentional relationship with  me  through  this  blog.  It took me ten years to finally start this site, so I’m clearly not rushing anything.  I  understand  commitment  issues.  

I  ask  that  you  be  apart  of  my  community  by  engaging  with  your  questions,  encouragement but  never  your  negativity that  is  meant  to  hurt  someone  else.  Provide  advice  and  tell  your  story.

I hope you leave my site with either a new christian song/sermon,  an idea, or a feeling of confidence and encouragement to get started on what Jesus is calling you to do. 

I strongly believe in creating a life of love through holistic healing. Thank you so much for being part of this community.

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